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Floating on a Lotus: Haspali Spa's Transcendent Design

Floating on a Lotus: Haspali Spa's Transcendent Design

Haspali Spa's serene space is designed around the theme of the lotus flower. While not depicting any literal lotus imagery, Haspali allows users to feel as if they are floating on water, experiencing a sense of calm akin to a lotus flower on a tranquil lake.

  • Địa điểm: Japan
  • Năm: 2015
  • Diện tích khuôn viên: 90 m2

The architect's vision was to create a space that defied gravity, giving the impression that each treatment room is floating on a pond. After extensive collaboration with structural engineers, the team devised a solution to suspend each room's 30mm thick walls from the ceiling, creating a gap between the wall and floor.






Furthermore, the walls are connected at staggered angles, allowing light to filter through the gaps, transitioning from outside to inside or vice versa depending on the light source's intensity. The lighting system is programmed to continuously create a gentle transition of colors, reflecting the changing nature of the environment despite the presence of artificial elements.






Established in 2015, Haspali Spa embodies a pioneering spirit in contemporary design language. From the narrative and design concept to the meticulous detailing of operations, structure, lighting, and services, the focus lies on crafting a communicative experience for the clients with the space. Visitors to the spa are immersed in a "floating on a lotus" experience, leaving a lasting impression on their senses.





Source: Archdaily.
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