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About Us We are a diverse and experienced team that combines expertise in architecture, interior, and branding to create thoughtful solutions for organizations, companies, and brands, helping them engage with their target communities. We continuously push the boundaries of traditional concepts by experimenting with new materials, details, and experiences from a holistic brand perspective, rather than just focusing on a single project. This enables us to showcase the client’s brand identities in a unique and distinctive way. We are excited to announce that DX, a highly respected Singapore-based company with extensive experience in project management, has made a significant investment in Baris Arch. With DX’s expertise and resources, we look forward to delivering even more exceptional quality and innovative solutions for our clients. Together, we offer project management, architecture & interior and brand creative solutions.

Our Philosophy Our philosophy revolves around creating inspiring spaces and solutions dedicated to joy and wellness, focusing on the real experience of our clients. We work our way in order, simplicity, and unification.


  • Organizing ideas and ensuring a cohesive project concept, paying attention to the placement of different elements to create a clear and concise outcome.


  • Eliminating unnecessary complexity and clutter, focusing on the essential elements, and creating a clean and easy-to-navigate approach.


  • Blending creativity and functionality, incorporating brand value and local culture to ensure harmonious language throughout the projects.
Our Style

Our Style

Our works are a fluid combination of our client’s needs with the surrounding scenery and local community. Every organization, every brand, every place has a story and we enable the story to come to life in our high-performing spaces and creative solutions.

We tend to make the most of natural light, green space, local materials and resources while unifying the project’s characteristics with the neighborhood spirit. Each project is a new effort and contribution to enhancing people’s lives and experiences. We believe that the great outcomes of our projects will bring delight and respect for all stakeholder involved from the project owner, the project team (including ourselves), end-users and the wider community.

Our Style

Our Values In every relationship, we pursue our values: Sự chú tâm (Mindfulness) Sự quan sát (Observation)


Everything we do is from the heart. We believe that mindfulness comes from meticulousness and perfectionism. Be mindful in entirety and in every part. Be mindful to find the architectural harmony, from the structure to every line, from organization to functionality, to ensure a complete and suitable architecture-interior for each client and owner.


By observing without judging, we focus on communicating to feel client’s needs. Spending all our passion for this work helps us understand the project's characteristics, from designing, arranging, managing the whole process to selecting every brick and decoration. By then, each project is a fresh and lively architectural-interior product.

Our Hearts & Souls

Our Hearts & Souls

Chúng tôi gắn kết bằng sự tin tưởng và tinh thần tự do, tạo điều kiện để từng thành viên phát triển hết khả năng của mình. Đó chính là những nhân tố góp phần tạo nên một Baris Arch sinh động và luôn tràn đầy năng lượng.

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