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JE's Bali Villa | Life of Nature

JE's Bali Villa | Life of Nature

Như người ta vẫn thường nói về Jan Villa: "Có cảm giác như những đứa con của Mẹ Thiên Nhiên cùng tham dự một bữa tối lãng mạn và khiêu vũ với nhau ngay nơi đây vậy.”

  • Địa điểm: Bali
  • Năm: 2022

Located in Bali - a beautiful island of Indonesia, JE's Villa was designed by Baris Arch to meet the core requirements so that it becomes a harmonious connection between modern lifestyle and natural ecology, creating a full living and entertaining space from material to spiritual for the family.




Passionate for wood, the owner demand it on every touch of the house, from ceiling, wall, and furnitures. The combination of warm wood and cold, hard stones has created a true tropical atmosphere in the heart of Bali island.



The villa with generous straight lines intertwined to create many open spaces, helping the inside and outside spaces to connect with each other and not be separated. Areas such as the swimming pool, landscape and miniatures are meticulously cared for. Everywhere in the house, there are green trees and doors to welcome the fresh air.






In this Villa project in Bali, Baris Arch has the opportunity to challenge with the theme of a modern and sophisticated entertainment room for a family of many members. The lighting set up in JE's Bali Villa's cinema room can be changed to create maximum entertaining feeling with two color modes like being in a real movie theater. The ceiling light is inspired by the starry night sky and the simple, smooth cubic furniture helps the family to have a wonderful relaxing time.





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